Corporate Team Building

How we do team building

Our Food Tours, Dine Arounds, and Pri Fix events can be easily adapted to become interactive corporate team building activities.

From our acclaimed culinary scavenger hunts to trivia and knowledge-based games, we strive to create opportunities for unique collaboration to overcome challenges.

Our creative team has worked vehemently to create a series of culinary-based team building activities with the goal to bring together colleagues and friends in a completely different field.

working with the ftc4lobe family

In conjunction with sister companies 4Lobe Events and Food Tour Corporation, we started and continue to build products that make a difference while introducing guests to an area, as well as its food and drink.

Culinary scavenger hunt

Our Culinary Scavenger Hunt, one of our most popular team building activities, brings the excitement of traditional scavenger hunt to a different level, as it creates opportunities for guests to search out select food and drinks along the way.

a path forward  group exploration challenge

One of our latest and most exciting team building activities focuses on creating bonds between guests, and helps them gain a greater understanding of a select neighborhood or area.

Working together in small teams, members must within limited time and constrained resources, figure out where they are, where they need to go, and what they need to try along the way.

Throughout the team building activity, guests must seek out and sample a themed selection food and drink that tell a story and provide clues for them to reach the meeting point. With event coordinators and guides supporting teams, they make their way to a meeting point, ending the challenge with a reception and prizes.

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Pricing and more information

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