New York Progressive dinner

Multi course themed dinner focused on a neighborhood in Manhattan or Brooklyn

The traditional Progressive Dinner is a classic concept, where guests dine at one restaurant for appetizer, main course, and dessert typically within a neighborhood.

FTC Dine is reinventing the expectations of the progressive dinner in order to provide more of a culinary experience, and an event at the same time.

Guests still visit three restaurants, but Rather than moving from appetizer to main to dessert, at each stop diners enjoy either one or several specially created dishes, or a family-style spread.

Throughout the progressive dinner we explore themes, such as culture, cuisine, ethnicity, and more.

We can also create a progressive dinner based on a theme of your choice.

Progressive Dinner Details:

Duration: 2-3 hours

Theme: Based on client desire

Location: Neighborhood based

Group size: 4-120

Price: starts at $99*

price is based on restaurants, group size, time and neighborhood