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In cooperation with sister company 4Lobe Events, FTC Dine can offer clients far more than just food tours.

Our Event Planning staff has the capability to develop and execute events at the highest level far beyond just food tours.

From our highly acclaimed 'culinary challenge' series to cooking classes, receptions, and sophisticated culinary focused team building events, we offer solutions for groups of nearly any size.

We understand that every occasion does not call for a food tour. Although culinary tourism is by far the fastest growing form of tourism in the United States (with ever-growing popularity worldwide), it still occupies a niche within tourism itself.

While our tour business continues to grow, our most popular corporate activities are within the Culinary Challenge series.

Culinary Challenge

Although the name offers a glimpse into a general concept rather than a full description, our Culinary Challenge event series offers a wide variety of culinary-based events, connected by the ever-present theme of food and drink.

Our culinary challenge events are developed as a way to bring together groups in a fun, exciting, and variable competitive environment. We combine them with catered meals, receptions, happy hours, and full day meetings.

  • 'Iron Chef' inspired Culinary Challenge
  • Creating the inspired Guacamole
  • Around the world
  • 'Chopped' inspired Culinary Challenge
  • Ultimate cake creation
  • The omelet introspection
  • From the market to the plate

Cooking classes

For groups from 60-200+, we set up interactive cooking classes designed to be entertaining and informative for people of most skill levels. Choose from a pre-defined theme, or let us create your own from scratch.

For information about these events, culinary challenges, or for others, please call or email us at info@ftcdine.com.

Pricing and more information

Please call us at 877-406-3446 or email us at info@ftcdine.com for more information or to request a proposal.

Our offices are open seven days a week for your convenience.