introducing a new class of high end food tours, group events and corporate team building throughout new york

Our premium food tours, customized events and team building activities provide a look at some of the city's best-known neighborhoods, as well as some of its best-kept secrets. Enjoy a variety of dishes offered at a range of restaurants and establishments.

exclusive food tours and team building for corporate and private groups

FTC Dine offers a neighborhood specific approach to providing clients with the finest high-end Food Tours and Dine Arounds available in the city. Our group events can be focused on a specific neighborhood, or several parts of the city in order to provide a custom experience reflecting what you are most looking for in a dining event.

Our progressive dinners were created to change your impression of what progressive can mean. Our multi course dinners provide groups with an experience that has some similarities to a chefs tasting menu but brings together themes, styles, and cultures based on the event.

Check out our current tour and events, as well as the neighborhoods in which they can be run further down on this page. At any time, do not hesitate to call us at 877-406-3446 or email us at seven days a week with any questions or to request a proposal

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Why take an FTC Dine food tour?

our philosophy

Our focus is on running our food tours and events only for private groups - which ensures all our tours are customized with the needs of your group in mind.

We focus on the quality, not the quantity of our tours and events, to make sure that every activity you do with us is carefully developed and executed.


We pay respect to the local communities in which we do business, in order to provide guests with an authentic experience at the area they visit while on tour.

Our goal is to offer an in-depth view of the city's culture, through its food and drink, in a way that enables your group to experience it in the best and most genuine way possible.

embracing local culture

We want groups to become a part of the lanndscape rather than its focus, as we visit neighborhoods throughout the city. If you are interested in the other type of food tour, let us know and we will be happy to recommend one.

about new york city

New York embodies the phrase cosmopolitan, as it features entertainment, fashion, art, great food and vibrant historic neighborhoods. Bold architecture, including a strikingly beautiful skyline, can be found throughout gives the monumentus city a distinct appearance.

New York city is the culinary and cultural heart of the United States, and although there is not one distinctive local cuisine, instead from nearly every nationality in the world can be found within the five Burroughs.

New York is the home of some of the worlds most imaginative and innovative restaurants, as well as one of the best collections of authentic cuisine imaginable. Of course the well-known and much loved traditional New York dishes are available throughout the city, with differing opinions on what is best.

choose from the following neighborhoods


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One of the city's premier neighborhoods was mostly industrial as few as two decades ago.

Since then, there has been a sweeping revitalization as the urban landscape was transformed into a modern, popular area.


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The fast growing, authentic Chinatown captures your imagination and takes you into another world.

A growing number of markets and vendors provide authentic and unusual cuisine to the heart of the city.

East Village

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The East Village offers a depth and breadth of restaurants beyond expectations.

From the offerings of David Chang to a shocking variety of restaurants of nearly any style.

Greenwich Village

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Greenwich village provides a backdrop of attractive, timeworn buildings in a causal, comfortable setting.

Restaurants of all sizes can be found within the Village, and a good meal is easy to come by.


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Harlem boasts a significant history, which now combines with a new generation of restauranteurs creating an exciting culinary buzz.

Traditional establishments reside by exciting new restaurants resulting in a mix of old and new restaurants, markets, and shops.

Jackson Heights

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In Queens, there is no other neighborhood that provides the diversity in cuisine and culture that can be found in Jackson heights.

Scores of authentic ethnic restaurants can be found on nearly every street of the lively neighborhood

Nolita / little Italy

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The renaissance of the Nolita culinary scene has brought about an abundance of well-regarded restaurants.

The 'north of little Italy' neighborhood has built a strong reputation for great dining and imbibing.


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High-end boutiques and shopping dominates the streetscape that was once long ago a manufacturing center and has been one of the city's hot spots for over three decades.

From the popular market to the sky walk, the neighborhood is as popular as ever.

West Village

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The neighborhood, often considered part of Greenwich Village, offers a food culture of its own.

From casual, take out, to classic regional, to family-run, its hard to find a bad meal in the area.


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The neighborhood is a continuous growing gastronomic paradise, due to its location, residents, and fast growing food scene.

From iconic eateries such as peter luger to new, innovative joints, Williamsburg is certainly worth the short trip across the East River.

Upper West Side

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Restaurants and concepts from some of the top restaurateurs and chefs are located within the relatively small part of Manhattan.

Tucked into corners are long standing classics, while new, exciting places are making the Upper West Side their home

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